Workshop details, provided by Amy Wheeler

In this workshop we will examine the Optimal State perspective on health, healing and beyond. We will learn how to assess the student from a yogic perspective in body, breath, mental habits, personality and emotions. This workshop will be beneficial to Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and Mental Health Professionals. We will learn together how the tri-guna model from yogic teachings can be used is assessment and creation of therapeutic plans on a very practical level. 

Below you can read about the Optimal State system. We hope that you will join us for this experiential workshop that will benefit you personally and professionally.

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The visual representation of the Optimal State model signifies that each human being can function from a state of imbalance or balance, and experience the corresponding results in life. The visual is a beacon of hope and inspiration that we can be radiant and joyful and happy! The choice to move in the world from a place of mindfulness, peace and confidence is only a few steps away for each individual. But the first step of transformation requires that we become aware of the fact that sometimes we are not in balance, and that we have the unlimited potential to move towards a new way of being in the world!  

The three colours on the outer part of the circle are white, blue and red. Each color signifies a direction that we tend to get out of balance. We get imbalanced because of stress, difficult lifestyle choices, nutritional choices that do not nourish, poor sleep routines, unmanageable relationships, improper exercise habits and maybe even disconnection from nature or spirit.  

The White Zone on the top of the visual representation symbolises the elements of air and space being out of balance. This represents our tendency to take on too much in life, and to feel distracted and over-whelmed. This often leads to fear, insecurity and feelings of not having enough support. We make choices every day with our food and drink, sleep habits and work routines that intensify this state of imbalance. However, with the tools and self-care habits taught in the Optimal State of Living Method, we can quickly and effectively move out of the White Zone and into balance again. These techniques are so simple and easy, that every person at any stages of life could use the tools to find a happier and healthier way to live.

The Blue Zone symbolises water and earth. When in Blue Zone imbalance, one might feel heaviness, lethargy, exhaustion and even depression. When in the Blue Zone one feels like they are stuck and cannot move forward in life. They may be grieving or just uninspired by life. There could be a feeling of sadness and an inability to progress. But there is hope! The tools from the Optimal State of Living Method are ready to be used to self-empower and energise one’s life. Every lifestyle choice from exercise, to food, to sleep habits, relationship choices and connection to Source are important on this journey towards balance and vitality. And this method will help people to get to their desired place of confidence, joy and energy sooner than you can imagine.

The Red Zone is symbolic of fire or heat. When out of balance in the direction of the Red Zone, a person might feel angry, agitated, resentful or impatient. Imagine the internal fire in one’s mind that creates Red Zone thinking. Examples are black vs. white perception of reality, being controlling and feeling righteous. You can quickly see how this fire can spread into relationships and cause problems. When out of balance in the direction of the Red Zone, we need Red Zone balancing foods, lifestyle habits, relationship patterns and stress reduction techniques in our lives. We need to slow down and be more mindful and compassionate. The Optimal State of Living tools and self-care habits can help balance the Red Zone symptoms and bring people back into harmony with themselves and in their relationships.

The flowing nature of the visual representation shows that each zone has a special relationship to the others in a cyclical pattern. For example, after experiencing feelings of overwhelm in the White Zone, we often fall into the exhaustion of the Blue Zone. And once in the Blue Zone for too long, we need the fire of the Red Zone to help bring us back into balance. For example, if we are in a state of Red Zone righteousness, we might need to cultivate a little more space within our own perspective to understand our judgments. So Red Zone needs the quality of air and space from the White Zone to come into balance. Most importantly, the ultimate goal of the Optimal State of Living Method is to move individuals from the imbalanced White, Blue and Red Zones toward the center of the circle, the Gold Zone.

So what does the golden color in the middle symbolize? The Gold Zone represents the light in a dark room, clarity, and understanding. The Gold Zone symbolizes the capacity that each of us has to choose to live a balanced life. Each person can choose lifestyle patterns that cultivate a state of balance, which will help the person to feel happier, healthier and more freedom. One can adopt simple lifestyle habits, food habits, sleep habits, relationship habits, and exercise habits that support and bring the person into balance. It follows that natural gifts will emerge from each balanced person so that they can fulfill their life purpose.  

The Optimal State of Living Method can help you to understand how to get from your place of imbalance, back to the life you have dreamed for yourself. The golden strands that flow through the White Zone, Blue Zone and Red Zone in the visual are to remind you that there is a lifeline waiting for you, to help you get back into balance. That lifeline is the Optimal State of Living Method. It is really not as hard as you might think to make many small changes over time, which create a new life trajectory. Many small steps take you to a new place that you could not imagine for yourself; a place of freedom that will help you realize your dreams to become the person you long to be!

So please join us on the journey towards your Optimal State of Living. We as the Optimal State of Living Team are waiting to receive you! We will help you to become self-empowered with the tools, techniques, self-care habits and lifestyle changes that will bring you back into balance. 

About Amy Wheeler


Amy Wheeler is a new thought leader in the field of Mental Health and Women's Health who is changing the world with her revolutionary system of health and healing.  Amy guides individuals, groups and organizations using her Optimal State of Living system to transform people from the inside out.  For over 25 years Amy has been a consultant to high level athletes, peak performers and healthcare organizations that require living in their optimal state to achieve their desired goals.  Amy has a deep passion for helping clients to get clarity about the causes of their ineffectiveness, and then walks them step-by-step towards their optimal state using her signature system.  She has personally transformed classrooms, sports teams, corporate management teams and board-rooms by helping them to recognize when and how they are out of balance.  She then helps the individual or team get back into the flow of maximum performance quickly and efficiently.  Amy's strength lies in taking very complex systems of thought and breaking down the problems into language and exercises that are simple to understand.  This allows her to guide her clients to solutions almost immediately.

Amy's life purpose has been to change the way people view mental and physical health by educating them about the inter-relationship between Yoga, Psychology and Public Health.  Amy earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and her B.A.and M.A. in Health Promotion.  She began her body-mind teaching career as a Sport Psychology Consultant and Yoga Teacher to many elite-level athletes, including the Los Angeles Lakers, various Professional Athletic Teams and five U.S. Olympic/National Teams.

Amy has also conducted many yoga research studies at California State University, San Bernardino, where she has been an active Professor of Kinesiology for 21 years.  Amy teaches many courses pertaining to Yoga, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy of Sport and Exercise.   Amy has been involved in developing numerous Yoga Therapy research projects and works with university researchers.  Studies include: 1) Using Yoga Therapy to decrease diseases associated with Metabolic Syndrome such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.  2) Using Yoga Therapy as a tool to increase the effectiveness and positive experience associated with Kidney Dialysis treatments.  3) Using Yoga Therapy to lessen the negative impact of chemotherapy as it relates to treatment of Colon and Rectal, Ovarian and Uterine Cancer.  4) Using Yoga Therapy for the reduction and management of pain associated with recovery from lower back surgery, as well as decrease in repeat back surgeries.  Amy specializes in women’s issues at all phases of life with emphasis on the endocrine system, nervous system, digestive system and structural kinesiology.

Amy has studied Yoga and Yoga Therapy in India, Europe and the United States.  During the past 18 years, Amy studied extensively in the T. Krishnamacharya Tradition.  On numerous extended trips, she studied at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai, India.  Amy has been certified as a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist Trainer in this tradition, and has completed 2 comprehensive yoga therapy internships at the KYM.  Prior to this, Amy completed teacher training certifications in several internationally popular styles of Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Amy is President of the Board of Directors to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Prior to this, Amy had served on the Board of Directors as Secretary for IAYT for 3 years.  Additionally, she helped to develop and define standards for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists in the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA).

Amy is the CEO and founder the Optimal State™ & the Optimal State™ 865 Certified Yoga Therapist Program. She trains yoga teachers and yoga therapists at the 200, 300, 500, 800 and 1000-hour levels.  Amy has authored 14 training manuals, 7 children's books, 3 books of poetry and also 865-hours of curriculum for the Optimal State of Living programs.  She and her husband, George Mantoan, have created hundreds of hours of audio and video courses for health and healing that can be found on  Amy and George are currently working on a mobile App that they hope will change the future of mental health on a worldwide scale.  Stay tuned for this revolutionary mobile App in the fall of 2018!