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Satsang… “gathering together for the truth”

The Yoga Life Satsang offers an opportunity to dive deeply into the philosophies and principles of yoga, enquiring into experiences arising from living a yoga life, and considerations related to the professional roles of the yoga teacher and therapist.

These sessions are for Qualified Yoga Teachers and Registered or Certified Yoga Therapists


The sessions will be held monthly on a Friday night in Melbourne, from 6:30-8pm, followed by a light Sangha Supper.


The office of Janet Lowndes at Mind Body Well - DETAILS HERE



Face to face sessions are now fully booked, please contact Janet if you would like to be kept on a waiting list for spaces that may come available in individual sessions. You can still register to receive the video recordings from the series.

Prior registration to attend in person is essential as places are limited. Priority will be given to those registering for the whole series. All those who register to attend in person will also have access to the video recordings from each session in the series.


  • $35 for individual sessions (face to face)

  • $175 to attend the whole series (face to face)

  • $150 to access the video recordings of the series

You can attend in person if you are in Melbourne, or all sessions will be video recorded so you can view them following the session… wherever you are! Video recordings will be available within 24 hours of the session.

Face to face sessions are now fully booked, please contact Janet if you would like to be kept on a waiting list for spaces that may come available in individual sessions. You can still register to receive the video recordings from the series.

In the Yoga Life Satsang sessions Leigh Blashki and Janet Lowndes will hold space for you to bring forward your own authentic truths, through a series of dialogues and self-enquiries. At each Satsang session we will introduce ‘seed’ themes, while also allowing the dialogue and reflection to flow from the input and engagement of participants.

These sessions offer an opportunity for deep learning and the development of rich understandings, which you can incorporate into your life as a yoga professional. Through the application and lived experience of these new understandings, wisdom can grow and with it, a flourishing of authenticity in your yoga life.

Sessions will be facilitated by Leigh Blashki, assisted by Janet Lowndes

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About Leigh

Leigh Blashki has developed a reputation as a leader in the fields of Yoga, Yoga Therapy and the teaching of well-being. He has post-graduate qualifications in Health Sciences (Victoria University), under-graduate qualifications in Counselling, Human Performance, Massage, Nutrition, Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda and has 40 years’ experience as a Yoga Teacher and 25 years as a Yoga Therapist. He is a Past-President of Yoga Australia and serves on their Council of Advisors and mentoring reference group. He has served the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) on various committees and their Council of Advisors.  

Leigh was drawn to Yoga in the late 1960’s and commenced teaching Yoga in the 1970’s and has continued to study and expand his knowledge, studying with A.G. Mohan in India and in other traditions including that of Swami Gitananda and Sri Yogendra. In the 1980s Leigh was introduced to Ayurveda and subsequently developed his studies in India and with Dr. David Frawley. More recently he has been drawn to iRest and the teaching of Dr Richard Miller and he is a Certified iRest Teacher, supervisor/mentor. Leigh has developed a series of therapeutic Kriyas and is a sought after workshop presenter locally and internationally.

Leigh’s life has been dedicated to the establishment of high credible standards of education and professional practice for the fields of yoga, yoga therapy and meditation.

As of late 2017, Leigh transitioned into vanaprastha the third stage of life according to the Vedic tradition, in which more time is spent in deep svadhyaya, personal practice and mentoring, while stepping back from many previous professional roles.

About Janet

Janet Lowndes has been a student of Leigh Blashki for many years, and she took over from Leigh as Director of the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy. Janet is a Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist who has been working therapeutically with individual clients for over 25 years.

Trained originally in Psychology, Janet became interested in an embodied approach to health and wellbeing and first studied Yoga Teaching at Swami Vivekananda’s ashram in India, then undertook further teacher training with the Australian Institute of Yoga at the Centre for Adult Education in Melbourne.

Along with her role with the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy, Janet is also Director and Senior Therapist at Mind Body Well, a group practice in Melbourne specialising in assisting people with Eating Disorders and other mental health concerns. Yogic wisdom and practices are an integral part of her therapeutic approach.

Janet has been influenced by various teachers including Leigh Blashki, Richard Miller, Saraswathi Vasudevan, A.G. and Indra Mohan, Amy Weintraub, Judith Lasater, and Donna Farhi. She is a Senior Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia, a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy, an iRest Teacher-in-Training (Level 2), and a member of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association. Recently Janet has been undertaking studies in Clinical Neuropsychotherapy, which is her current area of inspiration.

Janet is past Vice-President of the Yoga Australia (formerly the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia), and she is now a member of their Council of Advisors. She speaks regularly at Yoga and mental health conferences and workshops around Australia, and is a highly regarded teacher-of-teachers.